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Pull Up a Chair

When Mitchell Robbins moved from Boston to Boca – he noticed that something was missing.
Robbins’ hometown is known for many things. Its history, its fierce love of independence, its rabid sports fans and its many public gathering places like the Old South Meeting House, the Boston Common and Faneuil Hall.
“Boca had really no central area where people could come together,” said Robbins.
 So he created one.
Renovating the Wyndham Boca Raton Hotel over five years, Mitchell outfitted it with all of the things he knew Boca residents with their healthy lifestyles craved — a yoga studio, a fitness center, he renovated the pool and nestled it into a tranquil tropical oasis, and then for extra Zen he added the TrendTea Lounge, a place to relax and enjoy hand crafted tea, fair trade organic coffee and healthy snacks. 
The hotel, located in the center of midtown Boca, was a great location but not so much for restaurants. Robbins watched many in the area come and go.
“Fortunately enough the only restaurant I was eating at was this restaurant that served healthy food – The Green Gourmet,” said Robbins. “Joey Giannuzzi was the operator and I got to know him. We shared a passion for food — healthy food and we decided partner together.”
The Garden Terrace at the Farmer's Table Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL.

The Garden Terrace at the Farmer’s Table Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL.

The cherry on top of this healthy endeavor came in 2013 when he added a restaurant adjacent to the hotel that would fulfill the spirit of his intentions, creating a place where like-minded people could come and immerse themselves into this culture of health, family, friendship, community and well-being.
Robbins and Giannuzzi invite you to pull up a chair at the Farmer’s Table.
The Farmer’s Table has made a name for itself not only for what it has but what it doesn’t — no chemicals, hormones, pesticides or antibiotics in their proteins, aptly named their never-ever menu. Their philosophy on food, like the food itself is simple — conscious, healthy and clean.
Also recognizing that most people who live in Boca don’t fully utilize their kitchens, the Farmer’s Table menu is constantly evolving, changing with the seasons to stay fresh, relevant and never boring. 
“Many people do not cook in Boca,” said Robbins. “We wanted to create a place people can go to more than once a week with a diversified menu. A homey place where people feel like they’re in their own kitchen.”
Of course people come for the incredible food that makes your mouth water and stay because of all those buzz-words that have meaning and ultimately make you feel good from the inside out. When you gather your family around that table, they’ll be getting a belly full of honesty. 
  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef only.
  • The eggs used come from cage-free and vegetarian fed chickens.
  • No cream or butter is used in savory dishes.
  • Nothing is deep-fried or microwaved.
  • Sustainably caught, captured or raised seafood only.
  • No Genetically modified organism (GMOs).
  • Many herbs and some vegetables used are grown on sight, in their garden.
  • They make their own mozzarella cheese — hand stretched, twice daily.
Even that incredibly fruity drink in your hand has no high fructose corn syrup, instead your mixologist used fresh juices and organic syrups, so bottoms up.
But don’t confuse healthy with dainty salads only, the Farmer’s Table offers up plenty of options to satisfy everyone at the table.
“Many men are cynical when they hear, healthy,” said Robbins. “They think that there’s not going to be anything for them to eat. We have short ribs, pork chops, hamburgers, steak — all done in a healthy way. We cater especially to those who are cynical when they hear healthy, but indirectly they would like to find a way to eat healthier themselves.”
They aim to please every palate and diet from vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, gluten-free and traditional.
Although Robbins and Giannuzzi would love you to leave the restaurant with rave reviews about the food, what they’re really hoping for is that you leave with that yummy, warm, fuzzy feeling.
“That’s the reason we spend a lot of time educating our waiters and waitresses about the food. It’s that interplay, the people that work at the Farmer’s Table and the people that come to the restaurant. It’s great to hear, “I had the best short ribs,” but better to hear, “I had so-and-so for a waiter and we really enjoyed it,” — that’s creating a personality, an environment. It’s warm, it’s inviting. I think that’s what makes a big difference.” 

Photo of owners Mitchell & Joey of Farmer’s Table restaurant in Boca Raton

Again it all comes back to Robbins’ vision, creating a place for the community to gather. Going above and beyond not only to whet the appetite but to pique people’s interest in food. They do it by offering fun cooking classes and providing education. 
“Our big thing is that we’re just trying to create a community environment. Farmer’s Table is just one way of doing it,” said Robbins. “We also reach out to the community in very engaging ways — with FAU (Florida Atlantic University) and the Boca Regional Hospital. We do things for local schools. We have groups of fifth-graders come in and we educate them in farming, eating healthy, being healthy in their bodies through yoga. We’re always trying to be part of the community.”
Robbins, always in tune with the guests, understands just what his customers are looking for. This fall they’ll introduce their grab and go program, making eating healthy all the easier.
“Small meals, healthy in nature, catering toward any type of diet. It’s another avenue to continue our health and wellness focus.”
Constantly looking for ways to bring more people to the table, again this fall, Robbins rolls out the welcome mat, inviting the public to take their healthy lifestyles to the next level with a series of educational health and wellness classes. 
“We’ve seen a lot of people still trying to empower themselves, still trying to learn about healthy eating,” said Robbins. “We’re creating a nutritional education program for non-nutritionist people. The goal is to create a five-week program that will have a couple of classes a week with different subjects. We want to make it very approachable. We’ll teach people things like, how to understand food labels, are all sugars equal, what is consumed in a plant based diet. Things we think will impact people’s lives in a way that they can live a fuller, healthier way.”
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Farmer’s Table is located at 1901 N. Military Trail in Boca Raton. For more information about the menu, cooking classes and their unique take on food visit, the Farmer’s Table or call (561) 417-5836. For more information about the hotel, visit Wyndham Boca Raton.