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The Best Vegan (and Vegan-friendly) Restaurants in All 50 States

Florida: The Farmer’s Table
We’ll cut to the chase: like many places on this list, The Farmer’s Table does serve meat. But why, you ask? Why pick a restaurant that serves meat when there are so many other great ones that don’t, like Miami’s Eden in Eden or Plant Food + Wine? Well, it’s a rare thing for a traditional restaurant to have dedicated vegan options that don’t involve just subtracting meat and dairy, and a rarer thing still to execute them flawlessly with equal care and attention. But The Farmer’s Table does it. They have a stand-out spaghetti squash pasta with quinoa meatballs that straddles the line between comforting and modern. The sweetness of the marinara and squash shine brightly, livened with basil from the restaurant’s garden out back. There’s a vegan shepard’s pie that’s satiating in the most profound way, overflowing with lentils and root veggies, topped with savory Daiya. While there are appearances of plant-based meats on the menu, they’re mostly grain-forward, unprocessed and largely gluten-free; still, they manage to satisfy that meaty craving. Whatever you choose, wash it all down with a garden to glass cocktail; the Spa-Day with organic cucumber vodka, smashed mint, and coconut water is not to be missed, especially for those who gravitate towards savory drinks. We could write a book about this place, but in sum: The Farmer’s Table is one of the best restaurants in Palm Beach, and you must go. farmerstableboca.com