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Farther south in Boca Raton, Farmers Table offers what they call “feel good food.” The restaurant sources exceptionally clean ingredients from the best local farms, and seeks to make dishes that are nutritious and nourishing to the body, while still providing flavor satisfaction.

“What we do is good for the community, because we support local farmers and artisans,” said Chef Joey Giannuzzi, who is also a co-owner of the restaurant. “It’s also good for the planet, because we use eco-conscious purveyors and implement environmentally-friendly practices in our kitchen.”

“I’ve gone back to the roots of what food is all about,” he continued. “I am proud of what I am serving, and I can stand behind it. Everything I am making for you is good for you.”

The chefs at Farmers Table spend up to three hours a day on the phone with different vendors, ensuring that what is served to diners is the highest, freshest quality possible.

“We have become a safe haven for people who are looking for what we serve,” Giannuzzi said. “Every day, when I walk through the dining room and it’s full to capacity once again, I’m so grateful that people believe what I believe about food.”