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A follow-up to my March 2015 write-up of the extremely popular Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton, which I named a Preferred Destination last year: Having enjoyed several more consistently excellent meals at Farmer’s Table and in recognition of their quality and consistency, I am pleased to announce Farmer’s Table as my latest Golden Palate Partner™ in South Florida, having earned the coveted Fred Bollaci Enterprises Golden Palate Certificate of Excellence, representing the best in quality and consistency– and epitomizing what the Fred Bollaci “healthy gourmet” lifestyle is all about.

For instance, today I enjoyed a great salad with oranges, mixed greens, cashews, and avocado with perfectly grilled Faroe Island Salmon, a cup of Bone Broth with apple cider vinegar (healthy and delicious– a new addition to the menu), and sampled the chicken meatballs and moist flavorful quinoa meatballs–everything was excellent. A testament to the quality and success is the fact that on a Wednesday in the middle of summer (total off-season for South Florida), the restaurant was packed with savvy health-conscious diners in the know. What they know is they will be getting quality, fresh food- Farmer’s Table supports local farmers and offers lots of organic and gluten free options as well.Showing Farmer’s Table’s involvement in promoting healthy-gourmet cuisine in the community is the latest feature of guest chefs creating healthy-gourmet meals at the restaurant. The schedule is posted above.