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Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton Expands With New “Fast-Food” Takeout Concept

Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton, a pioneer in the South Florida healthful dining scene, is getting into the fast-food business. This month, the restaurant is opening a new takeout concept and market its creators have dubbed Farmer’s Table Express.
Located next door to Farmer’s Table and adjacent to the Wyndham Hotel Boca Raton, Farmer’s Table Express is a “slow-food” approach to fast food that gives guests the opportunity to bring home healthful dishes for at-home dining.
Founded by co-owners Joey Giannuzzi and Mitchell Robbins, Farmer’s Table offers consciously sourced dishes that focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients devoid of excess fat, salt, and toxins. No butter or cream is used in any dish, and the restaurant does not have a deep-fat fryer or microwave.
At Farmer’s Table Express, the idea is the same, but with a to-go approach. Guests have the option to purchase fresh, premade sandwiches, salads, and snacks — as well as the components of their favorite Farmer’s Table dishes — to recreate their favorite Farmer’s Table meals on-the-go.
“Our Farmer’s Table guests have been impressed with our ‘never-ever’ menu, meaning all food and ingredients are sourced cleanly and responsibly,” said Giannuzzi. “We work hard to make sure chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics are never ever in a prepared meal.”
The menu currently includes a number of savory sauces and dressings along with organic cold-pressed juices and a wide array of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Many of the dishes found at Farmer’s Table Express will be vacuum-sealed, adds Robbins, which allows the meals to maintain their freshness longer while retaining more nutrients.
“These items will already be prepared and ready-to-eat. Just bring a small pot of water to boil, heat, and enjoy,” says Giannuzzi.” After testing every type of method for delivering the quality of food we provide, we settled on vacuum-sealing our meals. This is the freshest and easiest way to recreate a restaurant-cooked meal at home. All our dishes will be as vibrant as if you were to prepare them from scratch the same day. It’s absolutely amazing.”
Farmer’s Table Express hours are 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, and online ordering is available. Some of the menu options offered at Farmer’s Table Express will include a spicy eggplant dip, curry tofu, vegetable soup, kale and carrot salad, a house-smoked turkey club sandwich, and snacks like almond butter oat date bites and chia pudding parfait.
“Fast food became popular because it was convenient,” said Robbins. “We are now making healthy convenient with this concept.”
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