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It’s Party Time at Farmer’s TableIn case you haven’t heard, Boca Raton’s own Farmer’s Table is hosting events, in a BIG way! Were talking ANY event– this community has been talking and Farmer’s Table is listening.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and haven’t gotten around to visiting Farmer’s Table yet (which I highly doubt after all of our coverage on MBMom), then you must go immediately. Bring the family, your entire and extended family if need be, because they certainly have the space for you!

The downstairs Events Room gives you the feeling you are entertaining in your own living room by the fireplace (if you indeedhad a fireplace in South Florida).

Warm and inviting, you can sip on one of their signature cocktails made fresh from “Garden to Glass.” These refreshing cocktails are crisp and cool; no wonder they have names like “Spa Day.” The fresh herbs used in each of their signature cocktails are grown right on site in their garden beds and tended to by our very own Farmer Jay!

The dining area is SoHo chic while still making you feel as though you are eating at your grandmother’s cozy table. Their carefully crafted menu and well thought out sourcing allows you to feel confident that the food you are eating is not only delicious, but extremely healthy too.

Part of the allure of Farmer’s Table is that it is a place where you can dine out feeling completely safe, as though you’d carefully prepared the meals yourself. The entire staff, from owners to servers, have their ears to the streets and are staying current on all of the conscious eating trends. Whether you require gluten-free or grass-fed, they’ve got you covered.

With all of the trouble I go through at home trying to feed my family healthy, conscious meals, I’m relieved to have found a place where I can dine out without the worry that my family is sacrificing health for convenience.

The kids menu at Farmer’s Table may very well be one of my favorite features! Finally a place where I don’t have to worry about only having mac and cheese and french fries on the menu. Co-Owner, Mitchell B. Robbins is a family man, and made sure Farmer’s Table catered to EVERYONE in the family. The considerate children’s menu is exciting and fresh and is paving the way in breaking all those terrible cliche` kid’s menu habits. Right down to the eco-friendly portion trays. Vegetable chips anyone? GENIUS!

The Banquet Menu is no different. A carefully crafted menu with farm fresh, delicious, savory meals while overlooking the gorgeousWyndham pool. Farmer’s Table has thought of absolutely everything. They aren’t just inviting you to their community, they want you to be a part of it.

This is no typical dine-in restaurant. It’s become a place where you can celebrate. Celebrate the small and intimate occasions, as well as the big and exciting moments. That’s the good life, isn’t it?