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How to Spend your Sunday if you’re Under 21

If you’re like me, you’re eagerly counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until you turn the glorious age of 21. It’s a rite of passage—the official age at which people stop treating you like you’re in the fifth grade and start treating you like royalty; at least that’s how I’ve come to see it after waiting patiently and watching all of my peers turn 21 before me. It’s also an excuse to dress up for happy hour, go out for drinks with friends or lounge on the beach with a piña colada in hand.
For now, however, most of us under-21 people view our fun-having opportunities as limited. Fortunately, South Florida has a multitude of options for us to create our own versions of Sunday Funday minus the alcoholic beverages.
1. Alcoholic drinks are often crafted to perfection and make for a perfect Instagram photo, but if you’re not 21 yet, head over to Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton for a mocktail. Their “Refresh and Revive” menu consists of non-alcoholic options of fancy, healthy drinks that won’t break your bank. Here are two options on the menu that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized:
Okeechobee Sunrise
– Moroccan green mint tea
– Pressed orange
– Organic honey
– Beet-water ice cubes
Little Dove
– Natural tamarind soda
– Shrub & co grapefruit shrub
– Black sea salt
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