Farmer’s Table is really that good!

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Farmer’s Table is really that good!

Very rarely do I eat at a restaurant and squeal like a little school girl with excitement. I’m thrilled to report thatFarmer’s Table is really that good! I was recently on holiday in Boca Raton, Florida with my husband Steve and my good friend Daryl. It was time for dinner and I was craving a nice restaurant that serves delicious, healthy food. With a quick online search I came across this gem and the menu looked perfect. We decided to give it a try and I’m so glad that we did. 

When we pulled up to the restaurant and proceeded to walk in we were first greeted by an A-frame chalkboard sign highlighting some of the fabulous benefits the restaurant offers. This included things like sourcing local organic foods (including grass-fed meats that are hormone-antibiotic-free and organic foods on the dirty dozen list), serving pure filtered water, and healthier cooking methods. With a smile on my face and some pep in my step we made our way inside.

The Atmosphere

I was amazed by the atmosphere. The mix between high-end elements, rustic hard wood floors, and romantic lighting set the stage for an incredible evening. It was a nice night so we decided to sit on the patio. Although I use the term “patio” loosely as it was more of a garden oasis. Lush plants and palm trees, a pool, and lights surrounded us as we enjoyed our delicious meal.


Meet The Owners

The restaurant is owned by Mitchell Robbins and Joey Giannuzzi. Mitchell has a background in real estate and more recently in hotel ownership. He has always been passionate about eating consciously and simply. Joey has a background in cooking and a passion for surfing. He realized that many restaurants were moving toward waxy, flavorless, genetically modified ingredients and wasn’t impressed by the trend. When these two health conscious go-getters got together Farmers Table was born.


What I Ate and Drank

When I read the drink menu and saw “Coconut – Drilled to order”, I got very excited. While sipping on my fresh coconut I perused the menu and had a hard time deciding what to order. Usually when I have a hard time deciding it’s because there isn’t much on the menu I feel like eating. In this case however, I had the opposite problem. Everything looked delicious!

After a lot of hemming and hawing my friend Daryl and I decided to share a few dishes. For our starter we chose the Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps (Water Chestnuts, Shiitake Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Cashews, Rice Noodles, Sweet Gem Lettuce). Boy oh boy am I glad we did. They were mouth-wateringly delicious! 3 wraps were provided and they came already assembled in a standup silver taco tray. I found the flavour to be perfectly balanced.

We also shared the Health & Wellness salad (organic greens, quinoa, petit veggies, grape tomatoes, goji berry vinaigrette). This salad was hearty, BIG, and also very scrumptious.


Then for our main we decided on the “Spasta” & Meatballs (spaghetti squash, chicken meatballs, organic spinach, San Marzano tomato sauce and housemade mozzarella). All I can say is WOW! This dish will have me coming back time and time again. We decided to order this dish because it’s so rare that you ever see spaghetti squash on a menu. It was cooked to perfection and incredibly filling.

Overall the price point was great, the atmosphere was outstanding, and the portions were very large (we took our leftovers home and were able to enjoy the delicious flavors for lunch again the next day, yum!).

I will definitely be going back to this restaurant the next time I visit Boca Raton and would encourage all of you to check it out as well. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed! They even have a fabulous looking brunch menu. I’m thinking I need to give the Nutberry Quinoa Porridge a try.

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