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Ten Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants6. Farmer’s Table

Owned by hotelier Mitchell Robbins and chef Joey Giannuzzi, the Farmer’s Table delivers what both consider “conscious, affordable fare” to Boca Raton. And both are passionate about clean-eating, with a goal to create a more mindful health and wellness community through their food. The fare is composed of fresh ingredients and whole foods, many of them grown locally. Excess salt, fats, antibiotics, and hormones are avoided; no butter, cream, deep-frying, or microwaving is used in any dish — there isn’t even a fryer in the kitchen. Here, land lubbers can still find seafood and meats (of course, sustainable) while everything on the menu (minus dishes with cheese) is dairy-free. The restaurant also accommodates gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and low-glycemic diets. Take the whole grain flour and flaxseed pizza crusts that are perfect for a veggie-loaded pie; and you vegans out there can substitute Daiya vegan cheese anywhere you like.